D365 Project Operations (CE)

Dynamics 365 Project Operations (CE) provides a powerful set of tools and functionalities specifically tailored for effective project planning, execution, and monitoring.

This solution enables us to efficiently manage project resources, timelines and budgets, ensuring successful project outcomes and customer satisfaction.

With Dynamics 365 Project Operations, our organization benefits from a centralized platform that integrates various aspects of project management. The solution offers features such as project planning, resource allocation, time tracking, and collaboration tools, all designed to enhance project efficiency and productivity. By leveraging Dynamics 365 Project Operations, we can effectively manage project tasks, allocate resources based on skill sets and availability, track project progress, and collaborate seamlessly with team members, resulting in improved project outcomes and customer deliverables.

Furthermore, Dynamics 365 Project Operations inclusion in our Customer Engagement drop-down menu signifies its significance as a strategic solution within our organization. By integrating project management into our overall business strategy, we can ensure that projects are executed smoothly, delivered on time, and meet the expectations of our customers. Dynamics 365 Project Operations empowers us to effectively plan, execute, and monitor projects, enabling us to deliver high-quality results, maintain customer satisfaction, and drive long-term business success.

We offer the following Dynamics 365 Project Operations (CE) Solutions

Resource Planning:

With Dynamics 365 Project Operations, you can plan and manage your project resources effectively. The solution allows you to view resource availability, skills, and capacity in real-time, enabling you to allocate resources optimally. You can also schedule tasks and activities based on resource availability, ensuring that your team is always working at full capacity.

Project Management:

Dynamics 365 Project Operations provides robust project management capabilities that allow you to create and manage projects efficiently. You can define project plans, tasks, dependencies, and timelines, and track progress against them. Additionally, the solution offers advanced analytics and reporting features that help you monitor project performance and identify potential risks and issues.

Time and Expense Management:

Dynamics 365 Project Operations simplifies time and expense tracking by allowing employees to submit timesheets and expenses directly within the solution. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and improves accuracy, ensuring that project costs are accurately tracked and billed.


Dynamics 365 Project Operations facilitates collaboration across teams, departments, and locations. The solution offers a range of communication and collaboration tools such as shared calendars, team dashboards, and document sharing, which enable teams to work together more effectively and efficiently.

Billing and Invoicing:

Dynamics 365 Project Operations streamlines billing and invoicing processes, enabling you to generate accurate invoices quickly and easily. The solution integrates with other financial systems, so you can easily export billing data to your accounting software. Additionally, Dynamics 365 Project Operations enables you to set up billing rules and rates, ensuring that you bill clients consistently and transparently.

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