D365 - Marketing (CE)

One of the key benefits of D365 – MARKETING is its ability to deliver personalized experiences to customers at scale.

D365 – MARKETING is an innovative marketing automation platform that enables businesses to streamline their marketing processes, engage with their customers more effectively and gain valuable insights into their target audience. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, D365 – MARKETING helps businesses automate their email campaigns, social media management, lead generation activities and much more.

By leveraging data from various sources such as CRM, website analytics, and social media interactions, businesses can create targeted marketing campaigns tailored to individual customer preferences and behavior. This results in higher engagement rates, improved customer satisfaction, and increased revenue.

Another advantage of D365 – MARKETING is its rich analytical capabilities. The platform provides real-time insights into campaign performance, customer behavior, and engagement levels, allowing businesses to adjust their marketing strategies accordingly. This data-driven approach enables organizations to optimize their marketing efforts, improve ROI, and make informed business decisions based on accurate information. Overall, D365 – MARKETING is a powerful solution for any business looking to enhance their marketing capabilities and drive growth.

We offer the following D365 Marketing (CE) Solutions

Marketing Automation:

D365 Marketing offers marketing automation features that help automate repetitive tasks, such as email campaigns, social media posts, and customer segmentation. This saves marketers time and enables them to create more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

Lead Scoring:

With D365 Marketing, you can track leads' behavior on your website, emails, and other channels to assign a score based on their level of engagement. This helps marketers identify the most promising leads and prioritize follow-up efforts accordingly.

Email Marketing:

D365 Marketing provides a comprehensive email marketing solution that includes drag-and-drop email builders, customizable templates, and email tracking capabilities. Marketers can easily create email campaigns and measure their effectiveness in driving opens, clicks, and conversions.

Event Management:

The event management feature in D365 Marketing allows marketers to plan and execute events, such as webinars, conferences, and trade shows. The platform provides tools for managing event registrations, sending reminders, and measuring the success of the event.

Social Media Marketing:

D365 Marketing allows marketers to manage their social media presence from within the platform. They can schedule and publish posts on various social platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and track engagement metrics to measure the impact of their social media efforts.


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